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The Captain Ollie's Water World Show is the world's first live action interactive television experience for children one thru six combining proprietary sing-along music and exercise movements while simultaneously teaching early childhood development skills such as letters, numbers, colors, words, shapes, etc. As an added benefit, primary lyrics are reinforced by unique flashcard images held overhead by the characters and children while singing each piece. Images are also adjusted prompting children to sing-in the missing lyrics as the music plays.

Incorporating all three learning styles, The Captain Ollie's Water World Show's multifaceted use of Music, Movement and Learning has the Host, Characters, and Six Children participating in each song while the in-house audience and parents/children at home also become part of all the fun. Story-lines revolve around musical themes such as Safety in the Water, Protecting our Coral Reefs and Environment along with the Natural Beauty and Wonder of the Water World.

The goal of the show is to give every child the opportunity to experience the exciting world under-the-sea while at the same time learning early childhood development skills in a fun, engaging, interactive environment. A co-production agreement for the pilot show is moving forward. If you would like to further discuss The Captain Ollie's Water World Show, please email peterciolino@yahoo.com